Workshops, Calligraphy Services + Wedding Crests


calligraphy workshops, Classes + Private parties

In our classes, we will cover the basics of modern calligraphy; from technical skills and terms, to creating letterforms and even connecting letters! Our workshops are tailored for people interested in refining their hand lettering skills and learning the art of calligraphic writing.  There will be plenty of time for practice, questions, and personal guidance.

Workshops are suitable for all levels of experience. 


Brush pen calligraphy is the perfect way to learn the basic skills needed to master a variety of calligraphy lettering forms. Using a felt tip brush pen, you will learn how to create beautiful calligraphic lettering


Watercolor brush calligraphy uses a paint brush, watercolor paper and watercolor paints to explore basic calligraphy strokes and letterforms.  It is a fun, expressive way to further your calligraphy journey.


Pointed pen calligraphy uses a straight pen holder, nib and ink and is one of the most eloquent and sophisticated of calligraphic techniques.  This class explores a more modern, whimsical lettering style.

If you cannot make it to one of our hands-on workshops in Dallas (or a city near you!), our DIY kits are available for purchase. 

hand lettered wedding vows + love letters

Custom calligraphy wedding vows, love letters, poems and even those special song lyrics make the absolute best gift!  Putting those beautiful, sentimental words to paper or even painted on canvas, is just the best way to create a life-long reminder of your loved one and the love you share.   

watercolor Wedding crest

A lush and colorful watercolor crest is a super creative way to take your  story and symbolize it for many, many years to come!  Your one-of-a-kind crest will be hand painted and designed just for you!  A wedding crest can be used across so many elements on your special day, as well as your newlywed stationery and printed on a canvas for display in your home.  The possibilities are endless!