about me: artist, calligrapher + workshop Educator

Hi there!  My name is Erin, and I  am an artist by degree, but have considered myself an artist my entire life.

My degree is a BA in Design & Fine Arts.   And college was just the most fun ever!  Who doesn't love sculpting shapes of out Texas limestone, digital design class, photography film development, and of course the classic drawing and painting courses?  I feel lucky to have found my passion - and my sweetheart there.  

My life path has brought me to this place.  I am a believer in how all life experiences culminate into new, beautiful moments. 

Together, John and I have dabbled in a business or two - a cloth diapering business and a shaved ice business. As life played out, we sold those adventures and got back to the business of raising our family.  In November of 2016, when I made the decision to teach myself calligraphy, I bought all the awesome supplies and materials that I could get my hands on - then I froze!  I honestly wasn't even sure where to begin and I have to admit that I was nervous to put pen to paper.  But what I have discovered along the way is just oh so much fun! 

Ink and Flora is a Dallas based company specializing in brush pen calligraphy classes, traditional pointed pen calligraphy workshops and watercolor brush calligraphy classes - as well as a variety of art workshops. Workshops are held at local DFW eateries, coffee shops and in private settings.

Our at-home, DIY lettering kits are carefully curated and designed just for you.  Let us walk by your side, answer your questions and ease your worries about learning calligraphy. 

If you are looking for custom family and wedding watercolor crests, or handwritten wedding vows or love letters - I can do that too!  

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